1. How much seamoss gel should I take?
 You can take as much as you like! Normally we take a teaspoon in the
morning and a tablespoon in our tea or smoothies. The late Dr. Sebi
said that you can't overdose on seamoss, the more you take the better
it is for the body. While there have been no reported long term
effects of Irish Moss, it does have some blood thinning properties. If
you are taking anticoagulant medication (blood thinners), please
consult a physician before adding Seamoss to your diet.
2. How long does seamoss lasts?
Many people vary on this, but our seamoss has stayed fresh in the refrigerator for up to 6-8 weeks.
3. What recipes can I use seamoss gel in?
 You can use a tablespoon of seamoss gel in tea, use as a thickening
agent in soup, stir into jams and jellies, applesauce and raw
desserts.You can bake into cookies, cornbread and even thicken up
stews and chili.
4. How do I use seamoss to treat acne, eczema, psoriasis and other
skin irritations?
 Rub a thin layer of seamoss on clean skin and let sit for 30 minutes
before rinsing off with warm water and apply sensitive moisturizer.
5. Are there any side effects of Sea Moss?
 Sea Moss does possess some anticoagulant properties, meaning— in
higher doses it can function as a natural blood thinner. If you are
taking any medication stay with one dosage of a tablespoon a day. If
you consume a large amount of seamoss it can have laxative effects. If
you have any questions or concerns always consult a physician before
adding seamoss to your diet.
6. Does Sea Moss aid weight loss?
 Because of Sea Moss’ rich fiber content, it does work to suppress your
appetite, thus making it a great weight loss aid.
7. Where does your Sea Moss come from?
 Seamoss can be found in many parts of the world.  Felicity's Seamoss
only sources wild harvest seamoss off the coastlines of the Atlantic
ocean: Grenada, Jamaica, and Trinidad. This ensures premium quality,
an organic product and the most potent nutrition profile.
8. Do you sell any other items?
 At this time we are focusing on studying, teaching and sharing the
benefits of seamoss with the world.  Felicity herself decide she
wanted everyone to have seamoss and we teaching her to know all she
can about one product. Keep an eye out for any new items that may
become available in the future.
9. Can pregnant women and breast feeding women consume seamoss?
 The FDA requires anyone who is not a doctor to refer pregnant or
breast feeding mothers to their physician before consuming seamoos.
Because all aspects have not been not yet researched, I cannot
recommend. I will say I consumed sea moss daily throughtout my
pregnancy and while breastfeeding Felicity. Always do your own
10. Can toddler/kids take seamoss?
 Yes! Seamoss is great for kids. It helps to build and strengthen
strong bones and offers brain support. It contains 92 minerals that
your child needs, gives them a natural boost of energy and strengthens
their immune support.
11. What kind of water do you use to make the seamoss gel?
 Alkaline Water
12. How can I contact you if I have specific questions about my order?
You can contact us through our email info@FelicitysSeamoss.com and
please give us up to 48 hours to respond. We appreciate your patience
and understanding.
13. Why is there an additional cost to ship jars instead of pouches?

We try to sell Felicity's Seamoss gel at the lowest price possible to make it accessible to those during this pandemic. The jars are now in low supply everywhere so a fee has been added. If you'd rather not pay the fee for a glass jar, you can receive your package in our free gold food grade pouches.

In addition, Glass Jars is a safe material as it is nonporous and impermeable; this means that the packaging and the contents have no interaction. In turn, the absence of interaction means that the product's flavor is not affected, and the seamoss will have an extended shelf life all while keeping its strength and aroma. Felicity also encourages recycling to preserve the planet. Our gold food grade pouches are freezable and can fill up jars from previous orders.

14. My gel looks looser than usual is it still good? 

Yes. Your gel is still good. It's the same recipe, the consistency changes based on the sea moss. It gels differently or 'looser' sometimes but we suggest sitting your gel in the refrigerator uncovered for 24 hours with the lid off to thicken.

15. My gel taste 'fishy' is it still good? 

We soak every batch of sea moss with limes to minimize the natural flavors of the sea. While some say sea moss has no taste, every one's pallet is different and the moss will taste 'oceany' at times because it is from the ocean.

16. My gel has brown specs in it is it clean? 

Yes. Our sea moss is cleaned thoroughly and we remove any pebbles, sea shells or ocean particles that has naturally attached to the sea moss. Because of the range in colors even golden sea moss can have pink and brown colors throughout. When the sea moss is blended, you may see these spec of colors in your sea moss.

17. Is the 16oz pouch the same size as the 16 ounce jar? 

Yes the pouches and jars are equal in gel quantity.

18. My delivery came late is my sea moss still good? 

Like many other foods that were intended for later consumption, seamoss contains natural salt from the ocean that preserves it for up to 2 weeks. We refrigerate it to preserve it's freshness but as long as you refrigerate upon arrival, it's still good and edible.


 COVID-19 Customer Service and Shipping

How are you minimizing the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)
in your facilities?
 We are closely following the safety guidelines from public health
organizations, particularly the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and
the World Health Organization (WHO), and working hard to ensure our
facilities are taking strict preventive measures to minimize any
potential spread of the virus. Felicity's Seamoss employees wear mask
and gloves when handling, cleaning and preparing your seamoss gel. We
also have our Food & Handlers License upon request.
Is it safe to receive delivery and can I have a no-contact delivery?
Yes! Our drivers wear masks and gloves that they change throughout each delivery throughout the day. You can also schedule a no-contact delivery during checkout and leave instructions on how and where to drop off.