Felicity Franco is a 6-year old sea moss enthusiast who began her
journey with the magical sea vegetable at just 6 months old. Born with
a mild case of eczema, her journalist mom who had been using sea moss
for 20 years published an article about the sea plant and its
benefits. Her mom used sea moss during her pregnancy and noticed once
Felicity was born she never experienced the usual sickness or ear
infections babies were prone to. Her mom began using sea moss gel as a
topical treatment on areas Felicity experienced eczema breakouts. At 6
months old, her mom began using sea moss in her smoothies, soups and
raw desserts and the eczema cleared up and never returned.
Fast forward to the 2020 pandemic, Felicity was already taking sea
moss everyday as a natural immune and energy booster. She's always
been extremely advanced and attends one of the top schools in New York
City. After noticing her resistance to catching bugs from other
children at school it was evident it worked.  Felicity loved the
energetic boost she received after taking her sea moss everyday.  She
began talking about it in her cooking class and recommended dishes sea
moss could be incorporated into. When her school announced it was
closing due to a 'lung attacking' virus she recommended we give sea
moss to her teachers and friends. They all returned with stories of
cleared mucus, no runny noses, suppressed coughing and more. Felicity
enjoyed helping her mom make sea moss gel and decided she wanted to
help the world get better at the start of the pandemic---and
Felicity's Seamoss was born.
Sea moss is beneficial and can be used by the entire family. From
Felicity's feisty 104-year-old great-grandmother down to her littlest
cousin's, sea moss contains the minerals our bodies need. It is also
full of potassium which can significantly improve behavior and mental
functioning. Felicity illustrates all the photos for her flyers,
labels and stickers and is a creative force to be reckoned with at
just 6-years old. She's added sea moss limonade and cherry applesauce
to her repertoire and is very hands on with decision making for
Felicity's Seamoss. Her after school activities include fashion and
illustration, inventions and innovations, coding classes, musical
theater and hip hop. She recently spent a month traveling in Zanzibar,
Africa learning about the sea moss she imports from Africa. She even
learned how to farm sea moss from rock moss and decided to start an
organization that gives back to the older women her company hires in
Africa. Never pool grown but grown from wildcrafted sea moss in the
ocean, Felicity's sea moss is cultivated from the cleanest clearest
waters in Trinidad and Zanzibar.

Learning and teaching her customers about sea moss on her Instagram
and YouTube pages has become part of her passion. This health and
wellness princess loves teaching her peers about eating healthy while
her infectious personality draws you in. Sea moss replenishes the body
with minerals making it beneficial to the entire family.

Enjoy the benefits of the sea and Felicity's Seamoss...From our family to yours.