Felicity Franco is a 3-year old sea moss enthusiast who began her journey with the magical sea vegetable at just a few months old. Born with a mild case of eczema, her mom Courtney researched heavily and published an article about the plant during their health journey. Courtney began using sea moss gel as a topical treatment on areas Felicity experienced breakouts. She began using sea moss in her smoothies, soups and raw desserts and the eczema cleared up and never returned.

Fast forward to today, Felicity takes sea moss everyday as a natural immune and energy booster. She's extremely advanced and attends a Montessori school in New York City. After noticing her resistance to catching bugs from other children at school we began giving out sea moss to her teachers and friends. Felicity loves the energetic boost she receives after taking her sea moss everyday.  She began talking about it in her cooking class and recommended dishes sea moss could be incorporated in. She enjoyed helping her mom make the sea moss and ultimately decided she wanted to help others at the start of the recent pandemic---and Felicity's Seamoss was born.
Our entire family uses sea moss from Felicity's 101-year-old great-grandmother to her newborn cousins. She makes her dad her favorite smoothie every morning (under supervision) and even gives her parents sea moss facials during family-spa day. While we are not medical professionals we stand by a plant-based diet alongside wild crafted organic sea moss. As promoted heavily by the late Dr. Sebi., sea moss replenishes the body with minerals making it beneficial to the whole family.

Enjoy the benefits of the sea and Felicity's Seamoss...From our family to yours.