Our family's love for sea moss began when Felicity's Mother, Courtney
 worked as a teen at the infamous Mart 125 in Harlem, NYC. In the mid
 90's,125th street was the hot spot of the neighborhood where you could
 buy anything from sweet incense to hip hop t-shirts. The Mart 125 was
 a mini-mall dedicated to young black entrepreneurs who made a good
 living off of selling things that mattered to the neighborhood. Before
 catching a show across the street at the Apollo Theater, you could
 grab a bite to eat upstairs at the Miss Ruby's Vegetarian Spot or buy
 a 4-Finger ring from Jay aka Icepick Jay from the Ruff Ryders.
 It was during this time working as a manicurist-to-the-stars that
 15-year-old Courtney learned about the benefits of Irish Sea Moss.
 First introduced to the seaweed by the Rastafarian's and health
 conscious customers that would frequent the Mart, everyone talked
 about it's libido affects and it's ability to keep the lungs
 mucus-free. For the next 20 years Courtney ate sea moss gel and
learned about its healing properties while making it for friends and
Now on her journey to healthier eating she began sharing her
experiences through articles as a journalist for The Source Magazine.
In 2018, she wrote an article about Sea moss and took the super food
though her pregnancy. Once Felicity was born, she too was introduced
to sea moss as one of her first baby foods. When she began school at
2-years old, her parents realized she didn't catch the many bugs that
 popped up amongst the other children. They noticed the magic seaweed
proved to build her immune system, gave her energy and assisted in her
 overall wellness. As Courtney and her family stopped eating chicken,
beef and pork, she began teaching Felicity about nutrition and health.
During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic,
Felicity spoke about sea moss and how she missed her friends and wanted to give them sea moss
and 'Felicity's Seamoss' was born. Courtney decided to home school her
 daughter and Business 101 was the first lesson. She implemented what
 she saw working back in the Mart surrounded by talented entrepreneurs
 and families working together to provide much needed services.
 As a family we want to share with you the same Caribbean sea love that
 has improved our health mentally and physically. We believe in sharing
 information and learning while growing through our own personal
 journey.  Health is wealth, now join us on our sea moss journey.
From our family to yours!